Friday, October 29, 2010

On this blog's gradual evolution, a big thank you, and Friday Links!

My, my, my.  I don't know what to say.  I feel like this has been the best week yet in this blog's relatively short history, and I couldn't be more pleased with how things are turning out.  Let me offer a huge, huge thank you to all of you readers and supporters - you're who I'm doing this for!

Let's start with a little music to set the tone from my favorite band of all time.  This video's only here for the audio, as not to interrupt your reading pleasure.

I'd like to take this time to sort of formally announce a shift that has been occurring in very subtle ways recently.  The focus of this blog, and my passion for it, is becoming more an exploration of music in any way possible than strictly about reviews.  The new tagline under my logo changed a few days ago to reflect that.  Don't fear, reviews are still going to happen - but content is going to breathe and evolve a lot more going forward.

I'm excited.  I hope you guys are.

Also the poll seems to be a success, and just as I knew it would come to pass, it looks like I'm reviewing Lateralus.  It's one of my favorite albums of all time, and one doesn't just decide to up and write a 2000's music blog one day without discussing that album.  I'm not sure if I'm going to carry over the other poll options to next week's poll, adding a new challenger to the mix, or get a fresh batch of choices, rotating the options in and out weekly to keep the same names from showing up on the poll.

If you've stuck with me this far, shout outs!  I was absolutely appalled at myself for not shouting these links before now at about mid-week, and I've been waiting for this post to rectify that situation.

Rorshach Redemption  - Run by the blogger of the same name, a favorite commenter on this blog.  I've been raving about this thing to my friends in meatspace, the concept is great - Rorshach posts inkblots, while shedding light on the science and history behind them, asking all of us as readers what we see - many have even sent in MS Paint or higher-grade renditions of their visions!  Throw in a podcast that's now sitting at 8 episodes, and you've got an all-rounder of a blog that engages on all levels.  It's a blast to read, and one of my favorites out of all the blogs I follow.

A Vegetarian Mind - My other favorite blog out of all the blogs I follow, run by The Angry Vegetarian, who, as his quality comments on this post show, isn't actually all that angry.  A-Veg is a photographer of my favorite kind - one who isn't afraid to explore the subject with his lens, and capture interesting, unique shots of all types of animals, views, inanimate objects - it's a colorful, crisp whirl of brilliant shots.  And of course, when the shots have a story attached, Veg shows off his ability to spin a yarn in style.

That's the week, guys.  Enjoy your weekends, and thank you all for the views, comments, and word-of-mouth publicity that someone must be giving me if things are going this well.


  1. Nice post, also your poll reminded me to listen to some Team Sleep, thankyas

  2. Awesome job, dude/dudette. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great song man, thanks for sharing.

  4. Deftones are great. You just got yourself a new follower!

  5. My girlfriend and I are both avid listeners of Deftones. Grand post, 147. I'll be looking forward to the Lateralus review in the future.

  6. keep it up man, your posts are always worth reading :)

  7. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I really like this post today! Really though, thanks for the kind words.

    You might do well to carry over the poll options, it might be choice-overload for us readers. Don't let your passion get ahead of us! Maybe i am just being old and slow.

    The nature of reviewing music, due to it's subjectivity, kind of reveals things about you. So not only are we enjoying your reviews, we get a little peek at your soul. POW! Voyeurs, the whole lot of us.

    Evolution is good.

  8. Wow, that was very nice of you. I actually read that last night before bed and it kind of freaked me out. I called my girlfriend to come in the room to read it, she also freaked out. I truly appreciate that. I'm a pretty shy guy, even behind the anonymity of the internet, so I still don't quite have the words to respond to that. I shall, though, in time :) Oh, and I'm happy and surprised you said the thing about me not being angry. I'll have to address that some other time, but thank you for that as well.

    I'll be honest, I can be very narrow minded sometimes when it comes to other people reviewing music or suggesting music. After all, it's all opinions. But the fact that I took a chance with some of the things you've shared and ended up liking them, THEN seeing you suggest music I really love only strengthened my trust in your tastes. And like Rorschach said, this is kind of like letting us see who you are.

    I honestly can't wait for the Lateralus review. I know it sounds cheesy and cliche, but that's one of the few pieces of art that literally changed my life.

    Keep up all the good work, we love it.

  9. i feel like im contributing to history.... haha nice post!

  10. Hello there,
    The how to thread was deleted, email me at rhymeswithsyphilis AT gmail DOT com if you'd like to stay in touch with some of us.
    (or just go straight to the forum if you still have the URL)
    Cheers : )
    (feel free to delete this comment)