Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This week's poll contenders - Pt. 1

The poll I ran last week to determine what I'd post about on Monday was a pretty big success, I'd say. Plenty of people voted, there was a clear winner, everyone was happy. However, I do realize that some of the stuff on the list may be completely unknown to some of you guys, as the readership (and the individual music tastes thereof) has grown quite a bit.

So, today, I'm going to be giving a little taste of each album, one song each, and a little about the music itself. Hopefully, this is as helpful as I imagine it'll be.

Battles - Mirrored
Battles are straight-up experimental rock.  How experimental?  This experimental:

From the intro to the first verse, the cold, groovy mix of looped guitar sounds and odd electronics, coupled with the pitchshifting of the vocals in time with the heavy tom hits of the drums, lock a four-on-the-floor beat hard into the mind before breathing a little bit in the chorus. The long, spacey, breakdown/build-up bridge serves to not only shake things up, but in my opinion, turn this track from simply cool to awesome.

Team Sleep - Team Sleep
Chino Moreno (of Deftones) joined up with his friends to create this interesting, shoegaze/alt/dream-pop album, which is actually so diverse that it's hard to find one track to best represent the band to someone who doesn't know them.  In lieu of simply going with a single, I decided to go with the album's opener:

Electronic, shuffly percussion and grinding synth bass lay down a beat, while Chino's dreamy crooning and spacey guitar riffs float above, creating a powerful dynamic and strong dichotomy between the metaphorical sky and ground. The length of the track, short though it is, helps to establish a decent base of the kind of territory the record covers, though this song alone really isn't enough to encapsulate the wildly diverse sounds of the album.

Part 2 later today, featuring A Perfect Circle (which almost definitely needs no introduction) and Aesop Rock. Watch for it.


  1. Good post sir, really looking forward to the 2nd part !!

  2. Ah, brilliant. A sampler. Just like Denny's! :D
    What's the big idea of splitting things in to parts? Who would do such a thing?

    No really though, first time I have seen this type of vote-assist. Will reserve judgement/vote until after Part 2.

  3. Nice poll. I love Aesop Rock but I had to go with A Perfect Circle as that band had a bigger influence on me.