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What this blog is.

This blog is my attempt to catalogue as much great music as possible, as well as to analyze what makes it great.  The time period from 2000 to now, though an arbitrary distinction of numbers, generated some incredible new pieces to add to the history of music as we know it.  And that's why I'm focusing my reviews on this one time period.  That's also why I'm asking for suggestions of what to review -- I want to hear what other people heard that I might have missed through the years, as I'm hopefully showing people gems they missed in turn.

Anybody reading this page, thanks for reading, and I hope you're enjoying what you've seen enough to return.  I update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a new album and track-by-track, so keep checking back.  And don't forget to link to this blog on Facebook or Twitter.  The more who read this blog, the better.  A little support from you, the reader, is what keeps me able to do this as diligently as I have been, and all you have to do is spread the word and link to the blog.

How I Rate.

I rate using a rather loose and subjective 5 point scale that I don't really adhere too all that strictly.  Personally, I think my longer write-ups on the albums are sufficient to help someone make their own decision about whether they'd like the album or not themselves, rather than just hinging on my opinion.  I do try to stick to this loose scale, somewhat, kind of:

0/5 - Terrible. I didn't even finish listening.  It's that bad.

1/5 - Bad. I finished listening.  It's bad anyway.

2/5 - Mediocre.  It was listenable, but I'm not ever going to listen to it again.

3/5 - Good.  I'll check this out from time to time, but it's not heavy rotation.

4/5 - Great.  I usually have a way of listening to this album anytime, anywhere, between car/pc/phone.

5/5 - Perfect.  I don't know if there's anything I can give this to, but I'll find out.